Reedy Review of SIP

“Earlier this week T and I tried out Greenville’s newest rooftop bar, SIP Tasting Room and Rooftop Lounge. SIP is owned by the same people who brought Greenville The Green Room and Fords Oyster House and Cajun Kitchen. SIP offers a large selection of wine by the bottle, and they also have a Wine Emotion machine. It’s kind of like a vending machine for wines. You can choose from a 1.5 oz tasting up to an 8 oz pour, and the machine even provides tasting notes about each wine. SIP has done a great job with gaining hype about their restaurant. It seems like everyone has been talking about it recently. The 6000 square foot space will surely be a hit this summer. They’ve got great seating space; some covered and some uncovered. They also have an area for live entertainment outside. SIP offers wine and a small menu of accompaniments including hummus, cheeses, and cured meats. They’ll be introducing flatbreads in the next month or so, but for now they are keeping it simple. Their cured meats are great; I can never resist prosciutto. Overall T and I were very pleased with SIP. I think they are really smart by keeping the menu simple at first, and introducing new things as they get more comfortable with it. We’ll be back for sure!” The Reedy Review