Patrick Long

pics from Jason 003Patrick Long has food in his blood. He spent summers as a child at his mother’s bakery located in Downtown Greenville, South Carolina. At Sunrise Bakery, Pat grew a fondness for food- whether it was fresh baked bread or tubs of cookie dough. By the age of fifteen, Pat started cooking at Greenville’s “Café and then Some” a dinner theatre, owned by his uncle, located next to his mother’s bakery.

After an unsuccessful run as a bus-boy, Pat found himself working the grill on one of the busiest Friday nights of the year in a swim or get eaten by the sharks situation. That was the moment he knew he had a future as a chef. When he wasn’t in school, Pat spent every minute of his teenage years in the Café and then Some kitchen.

Instead of sweat and football bruises I’d come home smelling of cooked meat and a deep fryer.

After graduating from Johnson and Wales University, Pat decided to move to the big city of Charleston, South Carolina- a now thriving culinary hotspot. He spent time at Old Village Post House under Tim Armstrong, who to this day he credits for pushing him as a chef and testing his limits in every way. He then worked with Jacques Larson, Wild Olive, whom he credits to teaching him about simplicity of food- with a few simple tasty local ingredients you can create greatness on a plate, and he even shared the kitchen with culinary darling Sean Brock.

In 2009, Pat moved home to Greenville, and worked his way up from line cook at The Green Room to Head Chef in less than a year. His mother, the baker, is quite proud.