Our Philosophy

We are entirely dedicated to providing our guests with the very finest quality atmosphere, cuisine and hospitality at our unique locations and award-winning restaurants.

High Street Hospitality Group’s philosophy is simple but certain. We work hard to provide our guests with exceptional culinary and atmosphere experiences. We’re proud of our diverse and incredibly talented team of people as well as our clientele that have so wonderfully supported us.


Jason Fletcher

For Jason Fletcher, Greenville, South Carolina sometimes feels like a big city. When you’re from Cashion, Oklahoma (population 500) a city of 60,000 is a pretty big leap. And to be a prominent restaurateur in a city with a growing culinary scene like Greenville, is something Fletcher never planned on.Continue Reading…

Meet Our Team

Mike Valentine

Chef MikeWhen you grow up just outside of New York City, developing a passion for food is pretty much a guarantee. Chef Mike Valentine refined his palate at a young age, surrounded by a family who loves food and frequently ventured into the city for dinner and a show. Read More…

Patrick Long

pics from Jason 003Patrick Long has food in his blood. He spent summers as a child at his mother’s bakery located in Downtown Greenville, South Carolina. At Sunrise Bakery, Pat grew a fondness for food- whether it was fresh baked bread or tubs of cookie dough. By the age of fifteen, Pat started cooking at Greenville’s “Café and then Some” a dinner theatre, owned by his uncle, located next to his mother’s bakery. Read More…